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Audivolv - MindReadingHelmet

Soon, mind-reading helmets will be sold for video-games. They do not work well, but in the next 10 years, they will become a common device on every computer.

Audivolv is theoretically compatible with most devices because it uses everything as multiple numbers between -1 and 1 that change quickly.
For speakers and microphone, those numbers are directly audio amplitudes that define the sound.
For mouse and game controllers, it is position of each axis, like mouse X and Y positions.
For mind-reading-helmets, it could be electricity amounts on the skin on your head, or other interpretations.
There are many ways to connect many devices, all as multiple numbers ranging -1 to 1.
A mind-reading helmet would be used similarly to a mouse.

The Emotiv Epoc mind-reading helmet above comes with 1 video-game, but unlike OpenEEG (which I recommend, if it is ever sold in stores), can not be used with open-source software. Would you buy a mouse that could only be used with certain software? This no-open-source for mind-reading helments thing can not last long. It can not last long for reasons described at

Use Audivolv with mouse and speakers only, or wear a mind-reading helmet to take it to the next level and dream with AI (in later versions of Audivolv).